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3 House Flipping Tips for 2016 and Beyond

If you have any level of experience with house flipping, you’ve surely noticed that flipping has gotten a lot more competitive over the last few years. Prices are still on the rise and inventories are low, but there are very

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Take Advantage of Our Deal Analyzer

When people think of flipping houses, they usually think of the excitement of purchasing a rundown property, making great renovations, and remodeling the place to look like a million bucks. The hands-on work is what appeals to a lot of

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Options for Financing Your Fix and Flip Investment

Financing house flipping projects entirely out of your own pocket is almost never a good idea. While it’s very possible to make excellent profits with fix and flip investing, there’s also a fair amount of risk involved, so you don’t

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Fresno One of the Top Performing Real Estate Markets

The Fresno Bee recently reported that Fresno has made the list of the highest performing housing markets nationwide, based on new data out of Clear Capital, a real estate data firm. Clear Capital lists the top 15 housing markets based

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California Sellers Have the Upper Hand this Spring

According to the Los Angeles Times, sellers currently have the upper hand in many of California’s biggest housing market. Home prices leveled off during the winter months, as is typical of that time of year, but in strong seller’s markets,

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