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2015 California Real Estate Market Recap

In June, the California Association of Realtors put out a report that compiles data from the last several years up through the first half of this year. The report uses the data to forecast the state of the California housing

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May Numbers Favorable for California Real Estate Market

The California Association of Realtors has posted new numbers for the month of May, and there is a lot of great news for house flippers. Pending home sales are on the rise, and a large portion of buyers are paying

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Are California Real Estate Conditions Stabilizing for the Rest of 2014?

Recent data on the California housing market confirms what many experts have suspected since the beginning of 2014: This year, the housing market is calming down, but home prices are still going up. An article in the Los Angeles Times

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Foreign Purchases of U.S. Real Estate up by 35%

Forbes recently shared some surprising data regarding the current housing market. Evidently, the US housing market is a lot more global than you might think. According to data out of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 35% of all homes

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March a Huge Month for Home Sales in California

New data out of San Diego-based real estate firm DataQuick shows home sales were up 28.2% over the previous month. This substantial increase shows that the California market is quickly rising out of its winter housing slump and entering the

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San Diego Real Estate Highlight

For fix & flip investors, the last year has been an exceptionally good one. Home prices are up all over the country and the market is showing little sign of slowing down. So how can you make next year even

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